Building Futures in the Gambia is a registered charity.

 Charity status confirmed by Charity Commission 26/11/2014. Registered Charity No. 1159520

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Building Futures in The Gambia

Registered Charity No. 1159520


Building Futures in The Gambia (BFiG) has evolved through the collaboration of teachers, schools, teacher trainees and school children in the UK. Over many years, travelling to The Gambia, members of BFiG have explored and investigated the Global Dimension within education. They have met with, and continue to regularly talk with Ministers, Head Teachers, Teachers and pupils in The Gambia to identify needs and prioritise areas for action…

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Busumbala Nursery School


The ‘Building Futures in The Gambia’ charity is building a three classroom Nursery School in Busumbala Village in The Gambia, West Africa.

This project started in 2014 when the BFiG trustees visited The Gambia on a mission to find an area where a school needed to be built...


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