Building Futures in the Gambia is a registered charity.

 Charity status confirmed by Charity Commission 26/11/2014. Registered Charity No. 1159520

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Building Futures in The Gambia

Registered Charity No. 1159520

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The Rafiki Group comprises of several partnerships between schools in Devon and Worcestershire in England, Maryland in the United States and Tanga Tanzania.The primary aim of the group is to develop a strong ethos of the global village for the pupils in all of its schools.


Link works at all levels of the education system – with communities, schools and governments – to identify and remove the obstacles to quality education. Our School Improvement Programmes currently reach over 4,000 schools in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda.


Improving the Quality of Education in Africa

Africa Startup - Africa Startup (Gambia) is a charitable foundation based in Norway with the mission to improve livelihoods in The Gambia through education in agricultural innovation, environmental protection and entrepreneurship.

My Farm - This one hectare farm is a residential education centre for children, young people and farmers, providing an exciting educational journey from seed to business, acknowledging the importance of independent food security in an ever-more unpredictable global environment.

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My Farm

“From our base in London to our school in Brufut, the Gambia – we aim to empower the youth through access to quality education, skills,  sports, tools and IT.”


Our Aim

We started The Gambian Schools Project following a holiday to  The Gambia. We visited a school while we were there and were surprised at the conditions the children were having to learn in. We discussed the situation with our two guides who helped us find a school in the slums of Serrakunda, the main town in The Gambia, called Badala, and we decided we would see what we could do to raise some money when we returned to England.


About Us

Gambian Projects was established in 2008 by UK teacher  Debbie Williams and her Gambian husband Modou Fatty.  With support from UK sponsors they provide opportunities for people in The Gambia to improve their lives through education and skills training.

About Us

The BUILD A SCHOOL IN GAMBIA project came about as a result of Martin Englefield’s on-going involvement with the Gambia. He wanted to help with the education of their children in 1994 after visiting The Gambia on holiday.  The Gambia is situated on the coast of West Africa, has an average daytime temperature of 32°C/89°F and beautiful beaches: a seemingly perfect holiday destination. One year Martin decided to visit a few local schools in order to try and better understand what education was available to the local children.


About Us

A Christian charity dedicated to improving the lives and education of children in The Gambia by supporting Gambian schools.


Gambia Building Project

Our mission statement is to provide links with The Gambia that will enable Gambians to improve the quality of the education of the Gambian children.


Building Links in Education

We believe that every child has the right to good education, good health and clean water. We believe that every individual can make a difference. We believe that the more we share the more we gain.


The Gambia

Our aim is to help support the education and learning of children throughout The Gambia through our school development projects.


The Gambia Experience

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We cater for individual travellers and small groups alike. Whilst staying in one of our nine detached roundhouses, you will gain insights into the culture and tribal customs of Gambia.


Footsteps Eco-Lodge

SOS Children is the world’s largest orphan charity. We directly help over 70,000 children in our family-based SOS Children's Villages in 124 countries around the world. We give children who have nothing and no-one a family, a home, an education and a future.