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Portraits of a Friendship in The Gambia

Portraits of a Friendship in The Gambia

This post is taken from a full article published at The British Journal of Photography.

“Kalidou is 23-years-old and is going blind. I could really see his pain and frustration. Some days, if the sun was too bright, he would not even be able to go outside”

A face, half-covered by verdant leaves and intersecting branches, confronts the camera. Two brown eyes, belonging to Kalidou, a 23-year-old Gambian man, pierce through the bushes. His gaze is unflinching. In this single shot, documentary photographer Aria Shahrokhshahi captures both the curiosity and determination that permeates his series, Kalidou.

Photographed in February 2018, over a one-month period, the series explores Kalidou’s gradual loss of sight. Shahrokhshahi’s photographs aim to raise awareness of Kalidou’s condition and accompany a Gofundme campaign that is raising funds that will pay for Kalidou to receive a corneal transplant in each eye. 

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