Building Futures in the Gambia is a registered charity.

 Charity status confirmed by Charity Commission 26/11/2014. Registered Charity No. 1159520

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Building Futures in The Gambia

Registered Charity No. 1159520

Through several meetings with the Village Development Committee (VDC), chaired by the Alkolo and Iman, it has been decided that BFiG be granted the permission and opportunity to work in collaboration with the community to build a nursery School.

Having gained the full support of the village committee; the Permanent Secretary for Education and also the local National Assembly Representative (the Honorable Mr Lamin Jatta), it is the intention of BFiG to tender for quotations for the construction in the first instance of a three classroom block, office and toilet facilities.

To begin the project, the land, measuring 30 x 60 metres, will be leveled and prepared for the first phase of construction, which will include an initial classroom and toilet block.

Busumbala on Google Earth

The next exciting project for BFiG is the development of a new nursery school for the village of Busumbala. Located approximately 3km from Makumbaya and Bafuloto Quarry, Busumbala is an expanding semi-rural locality with a dire need for nursery school provision.

The Busumbala Nursery School Projectl

View the site where Busumbala Nursery School is going to be built by downloading Google Earth from and then downloading and clicking on the .kmz file at


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Busumbala Nursery School - A Construction Timeline

In May 2014, the land was flattened and made ready for the foundations to be laid.

Faks, Lamin and Mo are the ‘Building Futures in the Gambia representatives out in The Gambia.

In April 2015, work on the foundations began…

…and the outline of Busumbala Nursery School…

…began to appear!

In August 2015…

…the concrete base for classroom 1 and the Head Teacher’s office was laid.

Notice how green the land looks because of the recent rainy season.

In February 2016, work commenced on the walls for classroom 1 and the Head Teacher’s office and library.

Classroom 1 will be named the Farafang Jatta classroom…

…to remember the Busumbala Village Committee member who worked closely alongside BFiG but sadly passed away in January 2016.

Work on the walls was completed by the start of March 2016…

…which meant that…

…work could commence on the roof!

April 2016…

Please watch this video.


In July 2016, a roof was constructed along with the interior wooden support frame.

In November 2016, construction of the porch areas and support pillars began.

Construction of the toilet shelter also started.

Christmas and New Year 2016/17 was a turbulent time for The Gambia with the election of President Barrow and military action surrounding the removal of the previous President. This held up work on the school for several months. During this time, the charity brought in a new builder for the project - MoJo Construction. More details about MoJo Construction can be found at along with many photos of MoJo builders working on Busumbala Nursery School.

Following the 2017 rainy season, work on Busumbala Nursery School re-commenced with Building Futures in The Gambia working alongside MoJo Construction.

Work on the soakaway for the toilet block re-commenced…

…and was completed.

The walls for the toilet block were completed…

…and a roof was constructed!

The verandah area columns were completed…

…and the concrete floor was added.

And in January 2018, plastering of the first classroom and Head Teacher’s office started. Students from England helped MoJo Construction with the initial plastering of the building.

Plastering continued in February…

…under the management of Mr. Morro Fatty (second from left).

By the time charity trustees returned in April 2018, phase 1 of Busumbala Nursery School was fully complete…

…and the construction of the base for Classroom 2 had already begun!

We now need furniture and a blackboard for Classroom 1…and we need to finance the construction of Classroom 2.

…and this video made in January 2017…

…and this video made in February 2018.

Please watch this video made in April 2016…

Please support us and help us build Busumbala Nursery School.