Building Futures in the Gambia is a registered charity.

 Charity status confirmed by Charity Commission 26/11/2014. Registered Charity No. 1159520

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Building Futures in The Gambia

Registered Charity No. 1159520

Makumbaya School currently has 638 pupils aged 7-14 years old. There are eight teachers. Each class has between 45-60 children. There is no electricity. There is one water pump and one tap for the entire school.

Makumbaya Village is out in the African countryside and is exactly as you’d imagine an African village would look. Many of the families in the village can afford to send their children to school. Many cannot. Six local villages feed into the school. Some of the children have to walk up to 5km to get to school each day. Regardless of the difficulties and hardships that they have to face, the children DO want to attend school because they understand the importance of getting a good education.

Building A Library

We have helped Makumbaya School build their library. The photo which is top right on this page shows how it looked during January 2011. The library is the building behind the water pump. The second photo shows how the library looked in 2012 following our first round of fund raising.  All of the walls inside had been plastered and a storage space had also been built. The third photo shows how the library looks today. Three concrete pillars have been bought to support the roof, the floor inside has been concreted and all the doors and windows have been completed and painted. More importantly, the library now contains books, tables and benches. All of this has happened because of continued fund raising efforts.

Newman University Birmingham and Kitwell Primary School have both played a major part in helping with the completion of the library. Newman has arrange the visits which have brought about Kitwell’s links with Gambian schools. Newman has also provided much needed support with the fund raising. And Newman has provided the venue for the now traditional and annual ‘Concerts for Africa’ featuring choirs from Kitwell and also Tenterfields Primary School.

Quinton C of E School also kindly donated £500 to purchase books for the library. The results of all these efforts can be seen on this page.


Makumbaya on Google Earth

If you have Google Earth installed on your PC then you can click the link below to visit Makumbaya Lower Basic School and take a look at the school site and local area. Right click and save the .kmz file to your PC and then click on it to open it directly in Google Earth.

Click for the Makumbaya Lower Basic School in Google Earth.

Resourcing the Library

Makumbaya Lower Basic Schooll

The Makumbaya Project came about as the result of a group of individuals targeting a school which, because of its geographical location, had found it difficult to develop sustainable links with partners in the United Kingdom.

Walking To School

The Makumbaya Library