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Building Futures in The Gambia

Registered Charity No. 1159520

Development Education Research Papers

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These documents are all sourced from the Institute of Education University of London.

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Research Paper No. 1 - ‘Global Dimension in Secondary Schools’

Research Paper No. 2 - ‘Young People and International Development: Engagement and Learning’

Research Paper No. 3 - ‘Geography and Development: Development and Education in Schools and the part played by Geography Teachers’

Research Paper No. 4 - ‘Global Learning and Subject Knowledge’

Research Paper No. 5 - ‘Evaluating partners in development: Contribution of international school partnerships to education and development’

Research Paper No. 6 - ‘International school partnerships: Contribution to improving quality of education for rural schools in Uganda’

Research Paper No. 7 - ‘Learning about Development at A-Level: A study of the impact of World Development A-level on Young People’s Understanding of International Development’

Research Paper No. 8 - ‘The Aston-Makunduchi Partnership: South - North School Link

In-depth case study’

Research Paper No. 9 - ‘Global Learning in Primary Schools in England: Practices and Impacts’

Research Paper No. 10 - ‘School linking - where next? - Partnership models between schools in Europe and Africa’

Research Paper No. 11 - ‘The Theory and Practice of Global Learning’

Research Paper No. 12 - ‘School Linking and Global Learning - Teachers’ Reflections’

The Global Dimensions: A Practical Handbook for Teacher Educators

North South School Partnership Toolkit: Charting the influence of partnership in the south

Active Citizenship: The Role of Higher Education